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For over 40 years, York Abstracting Company, LLC (YACO) has operated independently. What does that mean? It means the job is done right for all the right reasons. York Abstracting Company, LLC is not affiliated with any real estate entity or financial institution. Instead, York Abstracting Company, LLC is independently owned, and every title search is double-checked by an attorney at no additional cost. Our work is done only for you.

Services include:

Basic One Owner Lien Search Report

Basic One Owner Lien Search Report with
Easements and Restrictions

Commercial Lien Search Report:

  The above 3 search reports include:
Deed of acquisition, location,
and brief description of property.
Tax Assessment
Secured Transactions (Recorder of Deeds Offices)
Delinquent Taxes: County, Township, School
filed in the Tax Claim Bureau.

Updated Lien Search Reports

Secured Transaction and Judgment Check

Mortgage Check

Pre-recording Bringdown

Three Owner Lien Search Report

Sixty-year (minimum) Full Title Search for both Residential and Commercial

Bringdown from Prior Full Search

Two Owner Full Title Search

Certified Recording


Research concerning rights-of-way, boundary line disputes, and ownership problems

Real Estate Settlements

Title Insurance



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