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Y.A.C.O. (York Abstracting Company), LLC
Real Estate Title Searches and Abstracts
Independent Title Insurance Agent
30 North George Street
York, PA 17401
717-843-1500 (Fax)

APPLICATION is hereby made to Y.A.C.O. (York Abstracting Company) LLC by

the undersigned for a Certificate of Information in its usual form, on the title to real estate described below. The undersigned represents the date and information given below to be true and correct, and avers that no agreements or objections have come to Applicant's attention and that no material fact is being suppressed relating to said title. Applicant agrees that should there occur or come to their knowledge any matter which would affect the title to said real estate before the Certificate of Information is issued, such knowledge will be immediately communicated to the Company. Applicant agrees that the entire charge for the service of the Company shall be due and payable immediately upon the presentation and delivery of the Certificate of Information.

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