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The Abstractor's Bible Book
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All books authored by William F. Hoffmeyer, Esquire

The Abstractor's Bible

An invaluable step-by-step guide for searching titles: A "must have" for all title insurance agents and abstracting companies.

Know which court house offices to use, which books must be examined, and how to record and analyze the information in those books. Understand the legal meaning of the information you obtain as well as how to determine and compute the Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax. This book includes a detailed analysis of Real Estate Tax Law, how to plot a deed, as well as the tables and forms used for title searching.

A HOW-TO detailed analyzes of a title search of real estate with explanations of each step in the searching process. The Book includes numerous tables of information needed for a title search including a tutorial on how to plot a deed description. The book is designed for use in all states with specific notations to the user to ask for local information concerning various areas of the title search. The Bible is "ring-bound" in order to enable the searcher to insert their own notes concerning specific information and requirements of a particular geographic area.

This book is absolutely necessary for anyone who reviews courthouse records to determine the status of real estate titles, including:

  • Attorneys
  • Title Abstractors
  • Real Estate Professionals
  • Legal Secretaries / Paralegals
  • Surveyors
  • Financial Institution Employees

This book teaches, step-by-step, the entire procedure for real estate title searching and research. The Abstractor's Bible also includes, in non-technical language, the real estate law applicable to all aspects of the matters reviewed in the real estate title searching and research process.

Describes in Detail:

  1. Courthouse Offices to be used
  2. Books and records to be examined in the various offices
  3. How to record and analyze the information obtained from the books and records
  4. The legal meaning of the information obtained in non-technical language
  5. Method of determining and computing Pennsylvania Inheritance Tax
  6. Detailed analysis of The Real Estate Tax Sale Law
  7. Notary public requirements of all states
  8. Deviations from local Pennsylvania 1% transfer tax
  9. Complete course on plotting deed descriptions, including use of protractor, scale rule and compass
  10. Tables converting perch or rods to feet, square measure of perch to acres, and square feet to acres
  11. Exhaustive forms covering all phases of the obtention of information from real estate title searches and research
  12. A fool-proof method of indexing all information obtained from real estate title searches and research
  13. Summary of Pennsylvania transfer tax statute and regulation requirements
  14. Table summarizing the duration of all Pennsylvania judgements

Subdivided By:

  1. Recorder of Deeds
  2. Prothonotary
  3. Register of Wills/Clerk of Orphans Court
  4. Tax Claim Bureau
  5. Deed Plotting
  6. Table
  7. Forms



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