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Independent Title Insurance Agent
Welcome to York Abstracting Company (YACO), York County’s first full service real estate title search company. Founded by William F. Hoffmeyer, Esquire, in 1967, York Abstracting Company (YACO) is the leader in trusted real estate title abstracting, real estate title insurance, real estate title research, real estate lien checks, and property information services. Proudly serving York, Adams, Dauphin, and Cumberland Counties, York Abstracting Company also serves customers throughout the United States in cooperation with select agencies.

When you choose York Abstracting Company (YACO), you choose to protect yourself and your investment. William F. Hoffmeyer, Esquire, owner of York Abstracting Company (YACO), is an expert witness on matters pertaining to real estate law, title insurance agent, and attorney malpractice throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. York Abstracting Company’s only reason to work with you is to protect you. With York Abstracting Company (YACO), you and your investment are secure - for generations.

Independent Title Insurance Agent for

First American Title Insurance Company



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